IPElog2 with CAN FD and 4G/LTE modem

Since its introduction, the scalable data logger IPElog2 has continuously been developed further. In 2019, the logger for fleet, drive, and bench testing has been optimized again. These latest hardware adjustments will become highly important in the near future. The most significant changes include:

  • Support of new, cost-efficient multi-level storage media (MLC) of up to 120 GB
  • Integration of CAN FD
  • Extension to 2 x 1 Gbit Ethernet inputs
  • New quad-core processor with 4 GB RAM
  • New 4G/LTE modem

This last adjustment is especially important because several countries – including the USA – successively switch off their mobile networks of the second (2G, GPRS, EDGE) and third (3G, UMTS, HSPA) generation and use 4G. Existing IPElog2 data loggers with 3G can be upgraded to a 4G modem. Moreover, the IPElog2 has been equipped with the new data logger software IPEmotion RT. New functions include:

  • I-PDU multiplexer measurement via CAN FD
  • Traffic measurement via FlexRay
  • Password encryption of measurement files
  • No Message Lost (NML) and Wake on Bus functions

For more information about IPElog2, please visit the product page.

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