IPEload – Efficient refrigerant compressor testing

IPEload is a load unit offering efficient testing of automotive refrigerant compressors (A/C systems).

In the development process of vehicle air conditioning systems, the refrigerant compressors need to be tested in a realistic environment under repeatable thermodynamic conditions. The IPEtec test bench devices of the IPEload series have been designed for convenient A/C compressor load simulation in automotive development cycles. The compact devices meet the high requirements of the automotive industry. They allow fast load changes along with precise adjustment possibilities in automatic mode as well as in manual operation.

IPEload is available in four different standard versions:

  • IPEload-01 R134a Mechanical equipment for R134a and HFO-1234yf
  • IPEload-02 R744 Mechanical equipment for CO2
  • IPEload-03 R134a Automatical equipment R134a und HFO-1234yf
  • IPEload-04 R744 Automatical equipment for CO2

Follow this link to view product pages and data sheets.

This video explains the mode of operation in a simple way.

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