IPEengineering – HV Measuring Box for CAT I + II Applications

IPERONIK's business division IPEengineering offers a compact high voltage measuring system for AC voltage and AC current measurement according to CAT I and CAT II requirements.

System characteristics:

  • Safe high-voltage AC measurements within the 3-phase power network (V_L1, V_L2, V_L3) with built-in Iso Voltage Dividers and Current Limiter
  • Safe AC current measurements up to 100 A within the 3-phase power network (I_L1, I_L2, I_L3) with built-in LEM current converters
  • Integrated switching power supply feeding the IPETRONIK M-SENS-8 module and the dual 15 V supply for the current converters
  • Continuous output of AC current and voltage signals acquired from the lines L1, L2, L3 to the CAN bus at an adjustable acquisition rate of max. 2 kHz
  • Data acquisition and evaluation with IPEmotion software and IPEcan interface or third-party DAQ software/ data logger with CAN interface

Feel free to contact our IPEengineering team for any questions regarding to your high voltage application.
Phone +49 7221 9922 222
E-mail sales@ipetronik.com

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