IoT access to the online data of the loggers

For many years, the remote data transfer of measurement files and log/status files via the network protocol SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) has been the standard for data logger transfers. Data is transferred via modem or WiFi interfaces and is usually executed by the logger itself as soon as the corresponding trigger conditions are met. In practice, terminal 15/ignition is monitored and serves as an event to start data compression and initiate transmission.

New IoT technology

IoT technology, which enables online access to the logger via the MQTT protocol, is now also available with new functions of the IPEmotion RT data logger software. This allows measurement data, status information and event channels to be viewed online via a browser or an application application. Advantages of online data access are:

  • Direct overview of the health status of the system
  • Online control functions (e.g. setting of outputs)
  • Rebooting the Logger
  • Triggered termination of measurements
  • Starting data transfers

The online remote administration allows the user to perform functions on the logger promptly that would not have been possible with the conventional, batchwise transfer of measurement and log files.

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