High Voltage measurement up to 850 V / 900 A with HVshunt2

HVshunt2 offers safe HV voltage and HV current measurements for electric and hybrid vehicle testing.

The module measures voltages up to +/-850 VDC via the built-in High Voltage Iso Divider and currents up to +/-900 A by a current converter offering a typical accuracy of +/-0.2 %. Data acquisition and evaluation is realized by IPETRONIK SENS modules and the software IPEmotion or an IPETRONIK data logger operated with RTOS. With the CANdb configuration, IPETRONIK CAN modules can also be used with any other DAQ software that supports CAN data acquisition.

By the use of pre-assembled cables with customer-specific HV connectors, HVshunt2 can be connected to common HV board supply networks without any tools. This enables short periods for instrumentation and disassembling of the test vehicle.

IPEshunt2 technical data are provided by the product page.

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