Guided brake testing with IPEmotion

The vehicle brake system and its sub-systems have to be tested under extreme driving and temperature conditions.

Test drivers perform driving profiles and cycles. To configure those, many OEMs value IPEmotion. The flexible software allows the customer to create a menu navigation for measurement triggering, sequence control, as well as measuring point setup according to their needs.

The main advantages are:

  • Guided measurement with user input masks
  • Graphic representation of the driving profiles
  • Connecting STG inputs via the Mx-STG2 6 module
  • Analog and digital I/O channels
  • Integration of further plugIns (e.g. for GPS, video, and acoustics)
  • Integrated PDF analysis and reporting of the measurement results

The measurement can be conducted via a notebook. The brake profile is displayed in a clear and efficient way within the various tools. If necessary, the measurement data can be analyzed with the IPEmotion reporting function.

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