Flushing equipment for clean measurements with thermodynamic test benches

In refrigeration systems, the inherent oil ejection causes oil retention throughout the circuit. This has a significant effect on the thermodynamic characteristics and, thus on the efficiency of heat exchanger, evaporator, and condenser. Therefore, the IPEflush was developed as a high-performance flushing device for refrigerant circuits and components.

This system uses a flushing process to separate out – virtually residue-free – all the oil, dirt particles, and other contaminants retained throughout the various refrigeration circuits. This provides for uniform starting conditions for all test runs with IPEload units or on compressor test benches, thus ensuring comparable measurement results.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Multi-stage cleaning procedure (supporting a jetting pressure up to 12 bar)
  • Self-sufficient flushing operation with pre-programmed processes
  • Flushing procedure using repetitive pulsations
  • Vacuum build-up with a pressure of up to 0.05 mbar
  • Automatic refrigerant recovery
  • Visual monitoring of operating pressures possible

Please find the IPEflush data sheet on the product page. An overview of our test bench service devices can be found here.

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