Enhanced data management with configurable key-value pairs (KVP)

IPEmotion offers a comprehensive description of the measured signals by applying key-value pairs and assigning additional metadata at channel level. The key-value pairs can be defined individually in a configuration file (XML) so that additional information about the measurement setup is available for data analysis and processing.

The following key-value pairs are provided as standard for all plugIns:

  • Index (channel sequence)
  • Source (origin)
  • Bus type (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, ...)
  • Type designation (designation of the measuring system)
  • Interface (device serial number)
  • System (system accounts in the plugIn)

The individual metadata is described in the KeyValueDefinition.xml and can include useful additional information, such as hardware filter, firmware version, data format, or sample rate (see screenshot). Depending on the plugIn, the individual XML entries must be described by the support.

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