Easy measurement data management (MDM) with IPEmotion

In measurement and testing technology, a great number of measurement files is created and stored on shared drives and/or local measurement PCs. Over time, navigation within folders and storage structures may become increasingly difficult.

The new IPEmotion 2018 R1 measurement file search solves this problem.

Via the MDM search dialog, the user can conduct a full-text search or search for specific measurement file name or channel properties. Many data formats, such as .MDF4, .TDM, .IAD, MEA.zip., or ZIP.RT, are supported.


The most important advantages are:

  • Search of local PCs and network drives
  • Free parameter input (full-text)
  • Dropdown list support

With the next release (IPEmotion 2018 R2), the search function will be extended to include the search for events via calculation rules.

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