DRIVEview - the new driver display for live visualization of measurement data

The DRIVEview is a custom-developed 7" touch display for automotive applications that visualizes live measurement data. It offers all the advantages of a modern touch display and meets the special requirements of automotive development applications . The robust display is supported by the IPEmotion ME software, providing the comprehensive display of a wide variety of instruments and the bidirectional execution of trigger and control functions.

DRIVEview highlights:

  • Trouble-free measurement data display with cable connection
  • Robust and reliable, even at extreme temperatures from -20 to 70 °C
  • Convenient configuration via display or PC

Highlights IPEmotion ME:

  • Versatile live measurement data display
  • Remote trigger and control functions
  • Live video transmission

For further information about DRIVEview and IPEmotion ME, please click here.

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