Datalogger for engine condition monitoring

The data loggers from IPETRONIK can also be used in the field of condition monitoring of stationary systems such as gas and diesel engines, generators, small power plants, etc..

The data loggers can be integrated into the ECU architecture e.g. via the J1939 protocol and record extensive parameters of the engine ECUs. Furthermore, analog IO signals can also be recorded.

The devices are suitable for these tasks because they offer extensive internal calculation rules, trigger settings, event monitoring and logic functions. The monitored events can also be triggered on individual bus messages and error codes.

  • ECU measurement of more than 1000 signals with J1939, CCP, XCP protocols
  • Online calculation of measurement data and limit value monitoring
  • Event-controlled full CAN traffic measurement
  • Multiple data storage groups for different diagnostic requirements
  • Worldwide remote data access via built-in 3G modem

The notification of critical status information can be transmitted via e-mail, SMS or online via an IoT interface. The connectivity to the internet is provided via WiFi or a 3G modem.

A reference application note is presented here.

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