Data logger for endurance testing of electric vehicles

The number of endurance tests in e-mobility is constantly rising. While the first generations of electric vehicles
were tested on component test benches, the increasing registrations have necessitated more extensive road
testing under realistic conditions, combining analog high voltage measurement technology, bus network technology, and data evaluation. 

Our system combines the following:

  • Analog HV measurement technology: 1 kV/1000 A DC/temperature
  • Access to bus networks, control units, and protocols
  • Cloud connection for measurement data evaluation
  • Remote data access via IOT interfaces

The main application of data logging systems is the monitoring and software-based fine tuning of the control units within the overall system. Depending on the task, additional HV measurement points will be set. The loggers ensure the ideal interaction of power-train, battery management, air-conditioning, and assistance system control units.

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