Connecting logger displays via openABK

With the implementation of the protocol openABK (short for open display and operating concept) in the PlugIn IPETRONIK-LOG V03.60 (and corresponding TESTdrive V03.60) the EMBU-Sys displays from the CANDICE series are supported. The display can be used for data loggers IPElog2, M-LOG V3 and FLEETlog2 with an USB2ETH cable connected to the VIEW socket of the logger.

Besides the data visualization, the display facilitates:

  • Entering driver, track & shift information
  • Configuration of software buttons used for triggering
  • Data storage Start & Stop
  • Automatic DHCP server enables easy configuration
  • Status indication of the logger data transfer

The EMBU-Sketch software offers an individual configuration of display instruments and function buttons.

Please contact our support team for more details on this data viszualization system.
Phone +49 7221 9922 333

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