Compact data logger for large-volume fleet testing

With µCROS SL, IPETRONIK introduces a compact data logger developed for large-volume fleet testing. The device has a storage capacity of up to 500 GB SSD for large data volumes, is equipped with four CAN HS measurement inputs and a compact casing. Thanks to its hardware layout and the high functionality, the µCROS SL is an efficient and economic data logger meeting all the requirements of large-volume field testing. It can be used to monitor specific networks and ECUs.

Further features of the µCROS SL:

  • Quickstart, No Message Lost (NML), Wake on CAN (WoC)
  • Integrated 3G modem, WiFi and GPS receiver
  • 1 digital output, 2 digital inputs
  • 2 analog inputs 0 … 40 VDC @ 10 bit/200 Hz cut-off frequency
  • Plastic and aluminum housing (volume of 780 cm³)
  • Configuration via IPEmotion CAETEC PlugIn

Please visit the product page for more details.

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