CAN bus traffic analysis supports new filter functions

With the IPEmotion 2017 R1 release, the CAN bus traffic analysis has been completed with acceptance filtering functions.

The range of functions for the traffic filtering covers practical applications and supports a quick and easy monitoring of bus traces. Besides the manual configuration, acceptance filters can be set by an ID range (start and end CAN ID). As an alternative, ID ranges can be imported from a CANdb file (DBC). Moreover, the import function supports the restore of previously saved filter parameters.

Summary of the traffic analysis main features:

  • Traffic visualization using decimal and hexadecimal format
  • Quick indication by color change: blue-grey for changing values
  • Signal and message based traffic view
  • Filtering upon CAN ID, interface, data type CAN, CAN FD
  • Import of description files for the signal based data view
  • Configuration of complex filter ranges
  • Saving/loading filter parameters
  • Export of the last 1000 messages in ASCII file format

IPEmotion supports the traffic analysis features by the Protocols PlugIn.

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