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We were able to demonstrate our know-how for the direct benefit of companies within these applications areas:

Test bench for complete A/C and cooling circuits

  • E-vehicle application
  • Frontend air module, evaporator air module
  • Battery simulation module (refrigerant conditioning, simulation of battery heat introduction)
  • E-machine simulation module (refrigerant conditioning, simulation of E-machine heat introduction)


Vehicle climate acoustic chamber -20 °C/+50 °C

  • Vehicle test chamber for complete A/C and cooling system trials
  • Special channel and jet design via numeric flow simulation
  • Circulating air volume of approx. 21,000 m³/h


A/C system test bench for compressor tests

  • -20°C /+60°C air preparation for condenser and evaporator section
  • Electrical compressor drive
  • Automated endurance tests
  • Thermodynamics analysis via IPEmotion


Compressor test benches

  • Automated fast motion and VDA endurance tests for electrical compressors
  • Control upgrade / conversion climate test bench
  • 3 evaporator air supplies
  • 2 coolant modules
  • Thermal management test bench E-vehicles
  • Evaporator and frontend air supply
  • 3 coolant simulation modules
  • Total solution > HiL (Hardware in the Loop) test bench 

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