IPEmotion App 2.17

IPEmotion App systemIPEmotion App system

IPEmotion App 2.17

The new IPEmotion App supports mobile data display for Android devices.

You gain a host of benefits:

  • Quick and easy measuring data display
  • Vehicle CAN interface can be connected to any Android device
  • Display function for IPETRONIK data loggers
  • Encrypted data transfer between IPEhub2 and mobile device
  • High data security by data storage directly on IPEhub2
  • WPS function for easy connection setup
  • Graphical and tabular data visualization
  • Convenient configuration in IPEmotion
  • Extension of display settings directly on mobile device

Offering the IPEmotion App in combination with IPEhub2 and the data logger system M-LOG + COMgate IPETRONIK provides a convenient complete system for wireless data visualization on Android devices.

IPETRONIK Special for a first step into wireless data visualization:
In this product overview you will find information and some application examples for the
Starter Package. A quickstart guide is available for quick and easy system setup.

Click here to download the IPEmotion App and the release notes.

This video provides an introduction to the use of the IPEmotion App and IPEhub2. If you wish more detailed information regarding the application of an open system in mobile measuring technology, please read the following specialist article (ger). 

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