Structural testing of harvesting machines

Application note for FLEETlog2 & IPEcloud

A leading manufacturer of agricultural machines uses the SIEMENS solid edge product lifecycle management software for the development of new products. As soon as the first pre-production models are built, they are tested under real harvesting conditions.

The challenge

The serial production does not start until these tests have been passed and the theoretical models calculated by the PLM software have been verified successfully.


  • Remote data transfer and logger access
  • On-board computing / classifications
  • GPS position recording
  • J1939 protocol for ECU measurement
  • Multiple strain gauge inputs
  • Analog inputs for temperature and pressure
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Ruggedized equipment for harsh environments

The Solution

The FLEETlog2 data logger with up to 4 CAN interfaces was used to fulfill all these requirements. With the J1939 protocol all relevant ECU data can be recorded. An integrated GPS receiver and modem for wireless data transfer completes the logger functions. The required analog measurement inputs for 24 strain gauges are provided by SIM-STG modules. The inputs for pressure and temperature are covered by ruggedized M-SENS2 4- and M-THERMO2- modules. One key element of the integrated system is IPEcloud. The web interface gives the engineers direct access to the measurement data and allows them to update the measurement configuration remotely. The e-mail status notification supplies information about the system health situation to a dedicated distribution list. The M-UPS uninterrupted power supply was installed to cover data acquisition during time periods when the equipment is shut off. This intelligent battery pack enables the logger to record data even when the equipment is out of use.

The advantages

IPETRONIK’s integrated system approach with IPEmotion as configuration software is important for the manufacturer. Within five weeks, the first machines where working on field tests all across Europe. On-board classification statistics directly calculate the desired key indicators from the raw data reducing data transfer volume and post-processing time.

  • Fast installation and setup within a few weeks
  • Integrated HW & SW system configuration
  • Remote data transfer and IPEcloud for fleet- and data management
  • Logger internal statistics and math operations
  • ECU measurement with J1939 protocol

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