Powertrain ECU validation

Application note for M-LOG V3

The power train development plays a vital role for a French automobile manufacturer. ECU validation and the communication between motor, gearbox, engine brake system, and central control unit are very complex. The manufacturer has run a vehicle fleet of over 600 M-LOG data loggers for almost a decade to cover the large range of requirements of different development departments.

The challenge

Two different approaches can be used for data recording to validate power train ECUs:

Event-based traffic recording:
This validation approach includes full CAN traffic recording. Full CAN traffic recording is required in case of error events on the vehicle or the execution of a manual trigger by the driver.

Continuous signal measurement:
With this validation approach, over 600 signals, based on the CCP or XCP protocol as well as various diagnostic signals, are continuously recorded at a 5 Hz sample rate.


  • One logger for traffic- and signal-based measurements
  • Event-triggered full CAN traffic recording
  • ECU error detection
  • Configuration of multiple error triggers and event conditions
  • Up to 4 LIN and 8 CAN interfaces
  • Secured wireless remote data transfer via SFTP and online configuration update
  • Continuous signal measurement supporting XCP, CCP, UDS, and KWP protocols

The solution

The French automobile manufacturer has chosen IPETRONIK’s M-LOG V3 because this logger meets all the requirements with only one data acquisition system. With the easy-to-use configuration software IPEmotion, complex trigger conditions based on different error frame ranges can be defined. Due to the capacity to store pre- and post-trigger events, all CAN messages before and after the trigger event can be recorded. Moreover, the signal measurement based on XCP, CCP, KWP, and UDS protocols for continuous data recording is supported. The IPEwifi interfaces is a cost effective solution to manage remote data transfer and configuration updates.

The advantages

  • With M-LOG V3, the customer has chosen a data logging system that covers all their different needs for event-based CAN traffic measurements and continuous signal monitoring with wireless data transfer.
  • Event-based traffic measurement on 8 CAN and 4 LIN interfaces
  • Various CAN protocol measurements
  • Fully automated and integrated data converter tool chain to directly provide Traffic ASCII and MDF3 files for offline data analysis
  • Wireless data transfer via customized solution integrated into PSA network
  • Remote logger measurement configuration updates via WiFi interface

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