Measurement technology for small spaces

Integral system to measure temperature and control unit data

Jungheinrich is the leading manufacturer of logistics systems and industrial trucks worldwide. The company offers a wide variety of complete solutions – from manual lift trucks to fully automated high-bay warehouse systems with cloud connection. For their industrial trucks, Jungheinrich have long relied on innovative drivetrain and battery technology. 10 years ago, they started the truck electrification with lithium ion technology. This new battery generation has encouraged the development of more compact industrial trucks, requiring the measurement technology to adjust to smallest spaces.

The challenge

The reduced space in the industrial trucks impacts the permitted size of the measurement technology used in field testing. The measurement equipment must be reliable, highly precise, and flexible and it needs to be installed quickly, safely, and easily under the protective cover of the forklift truck. The test engineer has to be able to verify the correct recording of all measuring point and control unit data during the test. They want to work smart without a bulky notebook.



  • Wireless online display of the measurement data
  • Flexible and fully customizable sensor cabling
  • Highly reliable and secure data recording
  • Measurement of temperature and control unit data via CAN bus
  • Ruggedized data logger system with WiFi and ETH interface
  • Compact design of logger and modules

The solution

For the measurement of temperature and control unit data, Jungheinrich uses an IPETRONIK measurement and data logger system including the new and compact thermomodule M-TDC 8 with the corresponding equipment and the data logger IPEhub2. The software IPEmotion ensures the measurement data acquisition, the corresponding app the online visualization.

Less time, more safety

The system is based on the innovative thermomodule M-TDC 8 with the patented TDC (Thermo Direct Connect) technology for plugless contacting of measuring point and module. The pear-shaped TDC-IN sensor cable is directly inserted into the module, contacting and interlocking automatically thanks to the new needle contacting method. The process is quick, direct, and easy, saves precious time when setting up measuring points and sensors, and further improves the workflow.

Wireless data transfer

The data logger IPEhub2 with interchangeable SD memory card and integrated WiFi interface can record up to 16 temperature measuring points (on CAN1) and the control unit data of the drivetrain (on CAN2). Thanks to the software configuration with the PC measurement data acquisition software IPEmotion via WiFi or LAN interface, the test engineer can directly configure the measurement system from their work station as well as define and initialize measuring points (if WLAN is activated). The recorded data from the control units and measurement modules is stored on the SD card of the IPEhub2 and can be transferred (via WiFi) to the PC for evaluation.

Measurement results available everywhere at any time

With the corresponding app, the measurement data can directly be visualized online in various display instruments. Several events, e.g. data storage, can be triggered by the app, too. This allows the test engineer to verify the correct and complete measurement data acquisition – a form of online quality assurance without the need for bulky notebooks.

The advantages

With the compact and high-performance IPETRONIK integral system, the test vehicle can be set up quickly and easily. The smart system is operated via app, increasing user comfort as well as safety. In short, the system offers:

  • Secure measurement data acquisition and a versatile visualization
  • Global availability of the measurement results via app
  • Error-free measurement results thanks to reverse polarity protection
  • Enormous time savings due to plugless contacting and reduced setup work
  • High flexibility with compact hardware and customizable cabling

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