Test Bench Testing

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Test Bench Testing

Calibration, validation, simulation

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For testings of prototypes, vehicles or individual components – test bench testing increases efficiency, safety and innovation based on the reproducibility and the realistic reproduction of real-life conditions. We are specialized on surveys and simulations in the field of durability, climate, thermal management and acoustics. This allows a substantial reduction of your development time despite the increasingly complex requirements. At our locations in Baden-Baden and Eichstaett you will find optimal testing conditions: We have the latest and completely equipped workshops and test chambers as well as a highly qualified team. This team advises and supports you throughout the entire project and provides the best solutions to meet and exceed your test requirements.

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Durability testing

In our DMS lab we apply any kind of components. For targeted modifications, we record the most varied parameters with strain gauges. For example, we can prevent material fatigue or vibrations. We will also be happy to advise you in positioning and take charge of the calibration of the strain gauges and the whole measurement chain.

Development service

Given the increased requirements as regards environmental protection, air conditioning and thermal management, we rely on efficiency and technological progress. Our research is conducted at current issues like alternative refrigerants, latest battery technology or optimized air conditioning units. Furthermore, we develop complete systems. Our experience in research is constantly fed back into the development process, just to satisfy the future requirements by now.

Climate-acoustic chamber

In our chambers we simulate extreme environmental conditions. In this process, we carry out specific investigations on your vehicle. We have two climate-acoustic chambers which are placed at our locations in Baden-Baden and Eichstaett. This ensures short lines of communication and an effective and fast implementation. Our range of services includes cool-down measurements, determination of fill quantity and acoustic studies of refrigeration circuits.

Component testing

Component testing on the test bench is an optimal solution to reach the highest productivity and efficiency in the development process. Our test benches, developed in the IPETRONIK business division IPEtec, are able to simulate the most different climate conditions and are also able to reproduce authentic road conditions. This provides us the opportunity to compare and finally to produce reliable and meaningful results. Our highly qualified team takes care of supporting, planning, development and operation of your project around the clock.

Leakage lab

We perform leakage measurements on vehicle air-conditioning systems and on their components in our special testing lab, which is certified by the Federal Vehicle Registration Authority (KBA). For measuring the leakage rate, we have the latest test and simulation equipment like test chambers of various sizes for hoses, fittings and components as well as several test chambers for measurements of the full system.