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Projects in vehicle and test bench testings are quite challenging and require proven technical expertise. Requirements in vehicle climatisation and acoustics are extremely high, not least because of the continuous development of more efficent drives and the involved changes in tests of climate and acoustics. As a professional partner in this area, we provide many years of experience as well as the required know-how to perform measuring processes, test services and developments to your full satisfaction.

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Vehicle climate-acoustic

With our test and control facilities, we are able to simulate every climate zone and analyze the primary functions as well as any acoustic abnormalities of vehicle air-conditioning and heaters. All relevant values concerning climate and NVH are collected, analyzed and evaluated by our specialists.



For the test of electrically and mechanically driven car refrigerant compressors, we use our highly flexible aggregate-acoustic test benches. The system test benches equipped with one or two evaporators have the latest measuring technology and measure airborne sound, vibration, pulsation and force.

Development serviceDevelopment service

Development service

We support you in the development and validation of innovative systems and prototypes. Especially with regard to changed, modified requirements in electric and hybrid drives and the generally more complex measuring tasks, our team assists you in identification, analysis or new development of climate-acoustic requirements.