PlugIn Development

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PlugIn Development

IPETRONIK provides users who want to develop their own PlugIns the IPEmotion SDK (Software Development Kit) that is available as free download. This kit includes the complete information material a developer needs for writing
his own PlugIn to integrate his individual measurement hardware. IPEmotion SDK contains the IPEmotion PlugIn Designer, extensive documentations and a sample project with source code.
IPEmotion's PlugIn concept offers an open interface for integration of any measurement hardware or bus systems/ protocols.
Many different PlugIns are already available. You can find our current PlugIns in this overview.

What is a PlugIn?

A PlugIn is the inteface between the DAQ software IPEmotion and a specific hardware. Using this interface, different Application Programming Interfaces (API) can be adapted to IPEmotion.
PlugIns offer two kinds of interfaces: one for hardware configuration and one for measurement and hardware controlling.

A user-friendly PlugIn designer is available for you to perform configurations of your hardware. All settings are graphically visualized to facilitate your setup.
The PlugIn designer generates a VisualStudio project with C# framework for configuration and a C++ framework for measurement. For GUI (Graphical User Interface) development of a PlugIn, you can use this style guide.
Manufacturers can receive a PlugIn-specific manufacturer code from IPETRONIK. This code is needed in order to ensure that each PlugIn has a particular identification.

PlugIn licensing

IPETRONIK offers a special licensing procedure for its PlugIn partners. You can use the license portal on myIPE to manage your licenses if you want to sell your PlugIn or to control its distribution by using separate license keys. Our support team will provide you with more information on PlugIn licensing.

Among many others, these companies have already developed IPEmotion PlugIns:

  • Goldammer
  • Technikmedia
  • Gantner Instruments
  • Greisinger

We can establish contact to developers of these companies for you, if needed.

Single SDK Components

All SDK components are available as separate downloads.

Contact us!

If you have any questions concerning PlugIn development please contact our support team.

Phone: +49 7221 / 99 22 333
E-mail: support[at]ipetronik[dot]com

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