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IPEmotion – COM Interface, Scripting & Customizing

In IPETRONIK's DAQ software IPEmotion all measurement, calculation and analysis functions can be accessed through the GUI (Graphical User Interface). Even users without programming experience can easily set up measurement applications. Users can focus on their data acquisition and analysis tasks.
However, there may be customer-specific requirements that are difficult to configure through a user interface. IPEmotion provides a COM interface to address individual requirements.
Using the COM interface nearly all of IPEmotion's functions can be adressed by program commands. You can find more information in our extensive
IPEmotion documentation. Various functions in IPEmotion can be called and executed by external programs and scripts.
A great benefit of COM interface is the fact that only a few lines of source code are needed for comprehensive settings to be executed automatically. This function makes working with complex applications much easier.

In-process automation – Scripting with Visual Basic & Python

Scripts in Visual Basic (VBS) and Python (PY) language allow to individually group, execute and control events,
calculations, graphs or evaluations into separate program portions.


  • Report generation incl. ratio calculation
  • Sending e-mails in state of alarm
  • Calculation formula generation
  • Loading and saving of device configurations
  • Out-of-process automation – External program access
  • Scaling of measured values
  • Event-controlled calling of input masks

Out-of-process automation – External program access

External program access is an additional possibility to integrate IPEmotion into your applications. COM interface is
used to call and execute functions in IPEmotion from an external program. A great benefit lies in the possibility of using
IPEmotion as gateway to transfer measuring data into other software applications.


  • Measuring configurations defined in data bases can automatically be written to devices without starting IPEmotion user interface
  • Measuring data can easily be transferred to other software programs using C / C++ programming
  • HIL (Hardware in the Loop) test benches transfer simulation calculations into IPEmotion to execute controlling functions


IPEmotion offers various customizing options for using COM interface. Users can change software appearance by
applying particular program adjustments. Customizing functions allow to adjust the software to customer-specific
requirements in order to maximize process productivity. These features are unique to the DAQ software market.


  • Integration of customized buttons into the ribbon
  • Implementation of individual formula DLLs in formula pool
  • Configuration of custom project parameters
  • Report templates with covers and evaluations
  • Skin colors and language settings
  • Installation of PlugIns

Individual settings can be provided as custom OEM setup, on request. In such case, all users of a company have access to the same specific program version. In this way, errors are minimized and users are provided with useful
presets, automatically. Manual intervention and exchange of configuration data, formula pool or graphic settings can be preset correctly.

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