Reliable display of measurement data from the moment you start the vehicle

With DRIVEview, you have a driver display that reliably shows your measurement values at all times – right from the moment you start your vehicle. You can also control the logger directly via DRIVEview.

Always ready to use, even without Wi-Fi or external charging

Have you ever been in the middle of a measurement only to find that the battery of your display has run out or the Wi-Fi connection has been randomly disconnected? The DRIVEview system eliminates these problems once and for all! There is no need for battery that could be damaged or discharged in cold weather. Power is supplied directly through the vehicle's electrical system or the IPETRONIK logger. DRIVEview connects via a power and an Ethernet cable. Data is visualized reliably and without dropouts – even without an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. The display boots and shuts down automatically and in sync with the connected logger, which handles the data recording standalone on our IPEmotion RT operating system.

DRIVEview - Gain quality and convenience, and save time during your test drives

    • Automatic start with logger
    • Cable connection
    • Stable power supply
    • Reliable display of measurement data at all times
    • Flexible measurement control via DRIVEview
    • Expanded temperature range from -20 to 70 °C
    • Robust design
    • Vibration resistance
    • Sturdy automotive bracket

IPEmotion ME

    • Versatile live measurement data display
    • Remote trigger and control function from mobile device to data logger (bidirectional)
    • Large range of graphic display functions (tachometer, y-t chart, map, alphanumerical instrument)
    • Live video transmission
    • Intuitive handling
    • Is supported by all IPEmotion RT data loggers
    • Available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store