CAN FD integration for data loggers

Application description

This system sketch decribes the integration in existing data logger platforms. The CAN FD Satellite Interface is compatible with the data loggers ARCOS 1.5 (CAETEC), IPElog2 and M-LOG V3 (IPETRONIK). To connect the logger to the ARCOS 1.5, it has to be expanded by a feature connector interface that can be inserted with an expansion frame (like other interfaces). With its 15-pole plug, the feature connector offers all data, communication, and power supply interfaces for CAN FD satellites. Therefore the satellite interfaces supports Wake on CAN (WoC) and No Message Lost (NML) functions. With the internal GbE switch, several satellites can be cascaded, increasing the number of CAN inputs.

For the integration in IPElog2 and M-LOG V3 data loggers (IPETRONIK) with the TESTdrive software, connection cables can be plugged into the Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet inputs. The power supply for the satellite is provided by the logger. Right now TESTdrive is not supporting WoC or NML functions. Furthermore, it is not possible to cascade several satellites.