CAN FD and FlexRay integration for data loggers

Application description

The Satellite Interfaces expand the existing IPETRONIK and CAETEC data loggers by two or four inputs and allow measurements in CAN FD and FlexRay networks via the logger. With the measurement data acquisition software IPEmotion, they can also be directly connected to the PC and used for measurements without data logger connection. Both CAN FD and FlexRay Satellite Interfaces can be used for signal and traffic measurement on both data logger software platforms (dataLog and IPEmotion RT). This application example describes the data acquisition with FlexRay bus networks and control units via the CAN FD protocol by cascading several satellites at the logger (Ethernet interface). The satellites receive their network IP addresses via the DHCP server. Wake and NML functions can be used via the corresponding interfaces as well. The plugIn Protocols V02.02.00 supports a direct connection to IPEmotion for protocol measurements (XCP). The modular design of the satellite units helps to keep stubs as short as possible and to minimize interferences caused by the bus tab as well as cabling. The satellites are powered via the Ethernet/Gigabit ETH inputs of the data logger.