Data logger – modular and future-proof

The specialist for multiple channel-interconnection network architectures

CAETEC is a leading specialist in vehicle measurement technology. Our core range of products comprises modular measurement equipment for such automotive applications as fleet management and bus, traffic, and video analysis, as well as the validation of driver assistance systems. Fully adapted to their primary field of use, automotive fleet testing, our ARCOS 1.5, μCROS XL, and μCROS data logger support new multi-channel bus and vehicle network architecture, based on such technology as MOST, automotive Ethernet, FlexRay, and CAN FD.

We provide our customers with innovative and future-proof solutions, ideally equipped for all measurement tasks. According to the specific application, or the required number of measurement inputs, our customers can select, from a broad portfolio, the ideal logger for their needs. Our logger systems cover a broad spectrum of applications. From modular data logger, with a multitude of bus channels, to compact systems with few measurement inputs – thanks to the broad range of channel types and the use of state-of-the-art measurement technology, our logger are a match for any measurement task. We produce our hardware in Germany. Assembly and calibration take place at our Olching headquarters, ensuring a fully integrated supply chain, short delivery times and, above all, premium quality. Aside from this “Made in Germany” bonus, we emphasize our strong core expertise, agile development methods, and active customer accessibility. All these factors result in efficient and up-to-date solutions.

  • High-performance data logger
  • Optimized for worldwide fleet tests
  • Use of latest technologies
  • Individual modular principle